Lucille + Miguel's Newborn Love

Nothing sweeter than capturing the love of a brand new baby. This little guy was such an angel. Happy awake, happy asleep. What more can you ask for?!  A sweet lilttle pup. OK got that covered too. :-)




Newborn Love

Catching up on posting and this cute family was just what I needed to kick me into gear! Aren't they the cutest?! Lifestyle newborn shoots are my favorite. I love the focus on the bond of the family and capturing the love for the newest family member. 


Sam + Morgan's Baby Announcement

This was to date one of my favorite shoots. The couple decided on the Halloween announcement and no surprise to me the got into the theme and she rocked their makeup. I meannn how good does that look. Might just be the best announcement ever. 


Howe Party of 7!!

I have said it before and I will say it again, I feel so lucky to have the best clients. I met the Howe family and instantly loved them! The boys were SOOO well behaved. I'm not sure how these two super parents do it but they have 5 of the sweetest boys. I loved that Mama was a girly dance teacher with 5 boys who told me she figured  "she is meant to be a boy Mom". Cheers to this party of 7!!! 

York Family Maternity Photos

How beautiful are these two. I met this amazing couple when I photographed her sisters wedding last year, and was soo excited when I got the opportunity to shoot their maternity photos. They live in Los Angeles and we decided to meet in San Clemente to take these photos. We SCORED with this amazing field. Can you even believe how pretty these wild flowers are?!
I can’t wait to meet their sweet baby boy who is going to be here in a few short months. We know one thing for sure, he’s going to be sooo handsome, and most importantly full of kindness just like his family!!!

Zien Family

My oldest friend and her awesome hubby were just blessed with two of the most beautiful baby girls you will ever see. I couldn't be more excited for this sweet little family I get to call friends. 


Epp Family Newborn Photos

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I absolutely love when I get to shoot the same families over the years. There's nothing like seeing a family grow and watching it become complete. I couldn't be more happy for this gorgeous family who are as kind as they are beautiful. 

Chang Family Newborn Photos

I love when I get to do maternity and newborn photos. Something so magical about seeing the belly grow and then getting to see the sweet new baby. This little angel did not want to sleep, as hard as we tried. Sometimes newborns do that, but hey, we go with the flow and get cute photos anyway. Actually sometimes I like them even better, and in this case i LOVE her little faces she made and love how much character this tiny little human brought to her first close up. 

Tonya + Mike Newborn Photos

I can't tell you how excited I was to shoot these photos! I was able to photograph Mike and Tonya's wedding last year, and this year there beautiful baby girl. You spend so much time with a couple on one of the BEST days of their lives to be able to capture another BEST is such a gift for me. So happy they have been blessed with their perfect little girl! 

Holiday Mini's Part 2

Day two with more of my favorite families!! 



Holiday Mini's Part 1

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for each and everyone of these beautiful families I was able to photograph this year. Here is day one at one of my favorite locations! 

Alisha + Jay Baby Love

Couldn't be more excited for this family, about to welcome their baby girl! There is truly no greater gift in life that a precious baby. While the last months of pregnancy are often surrounded with more aches and pains, it's a time to be celebrated and documented! Soon you will be missing that little bump my friend! 

Alyssa + Andrew Newborn Photos

Love my newborns! You never know what's going to happen when you get there, which is why i love my lifestyle sessions. Mama's can stop to nurse, you have everything you need and you're in your little nest. This was an especially exciting newborn session for me as I absolutely love Alyssa and Andrew, they've hired me a number of times and I've been there with them through many milestones. This is the most exciting! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your lives!!! 

Wilburn Family Newborn Photos

I love this cute family, and was so excited to shoot their baby girl. I've worked with them a few times previously (most recently for maternity photos) and it's always a blast. Their little man is such a sweetie I know their newest member will be equally as sweet! Isn't she a beauty?!? 

Lauren + Michael Rivera Country Club Wedding


I completely fell in love with these two and their families! It was one of the most genuine love filled weddings I've had the pleasure of photographing. The location the beautiful Riviera Country Club, the speeches, the wedding party. Swoon...

Niki and Shezad get Engaged at Carlsbad Beach

The Ryan Family Solana Beach Photos

You know when you meet people and just instantly love them?! That's how I felt about this family! They were just so genuine, happy people. You could tell not only how much they loved each other but just saw that they genuinely liked being together. The kids decided to give their Mom the gift of family photos for her 60th birthday and you could tell she was thrilled. When we were deciding on the location the family quickly choose Tabletops Beach in Solana Beach as they grew up going to that beach and knew it would have special meaning. Isn't that fun! 

Gwen + Andrew Lafeyatte Hotel Wedding

Nothing makes me love my job more than seeing people in love. These two were the epitome of the crazy in love couple. Gwen and Andrew knew each other for a while but dated less than a year before they got married. Why so quick you might ask... because they just knew! Call me a romantic but I just love it. In fact my Mom and Step-father dated only a few months when they married and have been married 26 years!  So when they went to plan the wedding they knew they wanted it small and very intimate. We started at the San Diego City Hall  for the ceremony,  then on to the beautiful Lafayette Hotel in downtown San Diego for the wedding reception. It was the perfect intimate brunch with just their closest family and friends. The room was filled with smiles, many laughs and kisses from the newlyweds of course. 

IMG_9366 copy.jpg

Alyssa + Andrew Fresh 48 Photos

I posted a small album of some of these photos on Face Book last night and someone commented saying that they got all teared up when they were looking at the photos. Remembering the times in their life when they were in the hospital snuggling with their new baby. THAT is exactly why these Fresh 48 photos are soo important. I remember those early hospital days with the MOST found memories. SO so magical to experience that kind of love. Some women worry that they won't be "photo ready". However, I always tell them that while they may feel like now, later when they look back that is NOT what they will see or feel when looking at the photos. They will only remember those loving elated feelings. 

Ginger + Evan's Maternity Mini

I'm so excited for this adorable family to welcome their second child, a sweet baby boy! What fun it will be to have two boys so close in age! For their maternity mini shoot they wanted to keep it quick and easy so we did just that. 20 minutes and done at the beautiful Guajome Regional Park