The Perfectly Pink Fallbrook Wedding

Being able to witness and capture moments of a beautiful love story is such a gift. I often have to pinch myself at how lucky we really are! Not to mention how many times I've fought back the tears while photographing a ceremony. This wedding was one of those times. It was such a blessing to be able to witness the love these two have for each other, through their big beaming smiles and happy streaming tears. Wishing this sweet couple all the happiness in the world! 

Nicole + Mike.. Beautiful La Jolla Bride and Groom

One of the best parts of this job is getting to capture the love of a family in a beautiful scene and it's hard to top of the beauty of La Jolla. This couple is so full of love for each other and their little lady it's such a gift to be able to document it. I mean can you even handle the cuteness of a little one playing in the water? Gets me every darn time! Wind and Sea was pretty busy on this day full of beach go'ers but I'm gonna say it's soo worth it. If you're thinking of beach wedding or engagement photos just go for it! The beach is timeless!!! 

Vacation Photoshoot? Why Not?

I was thrilled when Katie contacted me saying that her family was going to be visiting San Diego for a beach vacation, so she figured what better time for a family photo shoot. We were initially going to do the shoot at the Beach but then Katie decided to switch it up and do it at their vacation rental to make it easier on all the little ones. So glad we did! This house was so awesome, not only was it decked out in mid century decor but their was a caddie in the drive way with a Ron Burgundy liscense plate! "Stay classy San Diego". 

Tonya + Mike's Beautiful Beach Engagement

Tonya + Mike's Beautiful Beach Engagement

One of my favorite places to shoot engagements photos is the beach. It's just so magical and brings out the happy in all of us! Just tends to turn us all in to big kids. I mean who can keep a straight face while running from the waves. This shoot took place in Encinitas at Swamis, since the couple loves the beach. We can wait to shoot their wedding in September at the Martin Johnson House in La Jolla, and it's not just because of the view. hehe